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OrthoAdditive Africa - A New Era of Design

Welcome to OrthoAdditive Africa. We are an Orthotic and Prosthetic practice in the Eastern Cape, offering highly customised orthotic and prosthetic solutions as a service to professional clinicians and individuals through revolutionary digital technology.

Below are some reasons you, as a clinician, should try additive manufacturing. 

Design Freedom

The nature of additive manufacturing allows us to create objects that would otherwise be impossible by traditional fabrication methods. This allows the clinician to address complex challenges in the fitting and customising a device and allows the freedom of adjustability, repeatability and precision at a fraction of the cost and labour intensity. 

Unparalleled Customization

We focus on highly customised orthotic and prosthetic solutions. Numerous studies highlighted the importance of device customisation and aesthetics in patient satisfaction and improved wearing time. At OrthoAdditive Africa, we like to push the limits of customisation. You and your patient have the freedom to envision the perfect device, and we will bring it to life. 

No Learning Curve or Equipment Required 

Don't worry about expensive software, hardware, or the complexities of CAD/CAM systems. With OrthoAdditive Africa, you do not need to invest in additional equipment or undergo extensive software training. Even if you don't have a digital scanner, our services are still accessible. Feel free to contact us on how we can help you take the first steps. 

Limitless Design Possibilities

With OrthoAdditive Africa, you are not constrained by the limitations of automated CAD systems. We understand that all patients are unique, and we embrace the challenge of cases with complex anatomy and individualised needs. We work closely with the clinician and patient to create custom designs that meet your patient’s expectations.

Streamlined Workflow 

We understand the value of your time. By integrating digital solutions into your workflow, you can minimise labour-intensive fabrication processes. Whether you need assistance with mould rectification, device design, or fabrication, OrthoAdditive Africa supports you at every step.

No Subscription Fees

At OrthoAdditive Africa, we offer a transparent once-off pricing system.  Each of our services is priced based on size, volume, design complexity and applied technology and can depend on which stage of your workflow needs to be digitised. 

Overcoming Barriers to Access

At OrthoAdditive Africa, we believe digitisation’s true power is overcoming barriers to healthcare access related to resource scarcity and logistics. We are actively researching the integration of additive manufacturing technology in the prosthetics and orthotic profession in Southern Africa. All our work is locally produced, supporting the local economy and ensuring efficient service delivery. 

OrthoAdditive Africa

Whether you are an individual seeking a different approach, or a professional ready to embark on the digital journey, contact us today.

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