For Individuals

For Individuals

OrhtoAdditive Africa is a registered Orthotic and Prosthetic clinic run under the HPCSA licence of Christiaan du Toit in the Eastern Cape.

We provide orthotic, prosthetic and seating solutions to the public by appointment. Whether you have an existing orthosis or prosthesis, or you newly require a device for permanent or temporary use, we can offer you innovative options at an affordable price. 

Additive manufacturing technologies have quickly become the preferred way to manufacture any customised device that will not be mass-produced. And that applies very well to our industry. With this technology, we can reach a new frontier in how we produce orthotics and prosthetics in ways that benefit patients and clinicians. 

You can further explore the potential additive manufacturing has for your individual needs under the Individuals section.

Feel free to contact us for an appointment. We provide telemedicine! That means you do not have to be in our area for a consultation.